Hi my name is Samson and I about 5 years old.

My Mom had distemper when I was born so I have some issues with my brain but I am actually doing great just have a few special needs like needing help with stairs and coming out of my crate. I love snuggles and chest and belly rubs.

My foster Mom says I have a strong will and I know what I want. It is hard for me to stand still due to the issues with my brain but I have learned to lay down to eat, and drink my Mom needs to watch me so the water doesn’t go up my nose. Since I am unsteady is it a little hard for me to move around on floors without rug or carpet but my some gave me some gripper socks which I use sometimes.

I promise to give you lots of snuggles and will make you smile all the time. I know I have some special needs but my foster family says there is a special family out there that would love me. Is that you?