My name is Sawyer but really, I should have been called Topper because I spin in circles like a top. While my spinning may look goofy, my goofy ways make me very lovable. 

Not much is known about my past but I know I am a southern boy from Louisiana and was sent to the Humane Society of South Central Michigan. Since I was spinning in circles so much they called The Devoted Barn thinking I was blind. However, after many exams I was not blind, I actually have a disorder called hydrocephalus or water on the brain. 

For the past year I have been working hard and I am very smart despite my disabilities. I have learned basic commands such as sit, paw, down, no and I am currently working on stay. I have also learned how to walk on a leash while keeping my spinning to a minimum. 

My ideal forever family consist of, patient adults and older children who have lots of love to give… oh and a backyard for me to run around in. It is important for me to find people who are willing to be patient with me because while I am trying to work hard, I can get very anxious and overstimulated at time and need a hug to calm me down. But I always try to be a good boy. 

While I would like to have a brother or sister, it takes me a while to make new dog friends so I would have to be introduced slowly. I am also not so sure how I feel about cats. 

While I may not be perfect, I try hard and have so much love to give. I am ready to find my forever home and put a smile on their faces every day.