Seeking Sanctuary


Six years ago, when I first opened this farm for ferals and animals from extreme cruelty and neglect, I knew we would face challenges. I also knew the biggest challenge would be the possibility that an animal couldn't be rehabilitated to the point of living in a normal home environment. What I didn't expect was how quickly we would grow and this would happen. 

I didn't expect these challenges for another 10 years. 

Our amazing volunteers, our barn family, have helped so many animals, we simply have outgrown this farm much quicker than I expected. 

The need to expand is evident and the need to create a sanctuary for these animals that can't be rehabilitated to a normal home environment, is a must.

We believe that the best way to meet the needs of all our animals, both current and future, is to divide the properties into two farms.

One will focus on rehabilitation and one will create the perfect forever home for our dogs that are incontinent, our feral dogs that can't move to that next step and our hogs who we can't safely be placed. These animals come to us looking for the home they deserve. 

Well, we have found the perfect farm that will help rehabilitate our animals, but we need the perfect property to be our sanctuary, our forever home. 

After searching for months trying to find the perfect place, a little slice of heaven that these animals deserve, we believe we have finally found it.

Now, we really need your help in order to make this dream come true for our animals.