Sponsor Shay

Shay came to The Devoted Barn from Tennessee.  She had been sitting in an animal control facility for 14 months.  

Shay has come a long way since arriving at The Devoted Barn.  She has taken the role of the "Mama Dog". She makes sure everyone is behaving and keeps all the dogs in line.

Once you put in the time getting to know her she will love you forever!  Shay is ready for a feral foster home.

Read more about Shay from one of her favorite people below:

I often feel like the word “feral” is immediately met with the idea “vicious”. This is me and Shay snuggling/napping today. Real vicious, huh? When she came to us she was very feral. No one could touch or get near her if she could control the situation. She now seeks out cuddles and pets and kisses from me. If she can hear my voice but is in the feral room, she cries until I come to see her. Anytime of rest, she wants to be touching me. I can pick her up and carry her. I can play with her feet, open her mouth, look in her ears.... I’m not saying all of this as a way of bragging. I’m saying this because I wholeheartedly feel that if she will do this with me, she will do this with anyone who puts in the time with her. If I had the room at my home, Shay would have come home with me months ago. I absolutely adore her and wish she could be a part of my family. She has so much love to give, she just needs the right person to come along and teach her about how to live in a house
— Megan, Volunteer