Sponsor Simone!

Meet Simone!  Simone has joined our feral program all the way from Kentucky.  She ended up in a shelter out that way and like most ferals she completely shut down.  She was at high risk of being euthanized.  Someone reached out to us for help at the right time and we were able to bring her into our program.

Simone has been progressing very well at the barn.  She is the most food motivated feral we have ever had!  Simone doesn’t enjoy being touched yet… unless you have something tasty in your other hand then she couldn’t care less.  About a month after arriving it became apparent that Simone was pregnant.  It turns out she was pregnant when we got her.  Since we had no un-neutered males at the time of her arrival we didn’t feel it was necessary to traumatize her with an immeadiate vet visit and spay.  So now we have puppies! 

Simone is a very good mama and is taking very good care of her babies.  We’ve never had a feral give birth in the feral room before but it has been absolutely amazing how the other ferals all respect her space.