Well hello there! My name is Spider and I'm a young male Doxie that's over come some pretty scary medical issues!

My sister, Pumpkin and I came to The Devoted Barn nursery as Mega E puppies. The other half of our litter had already passed away before the nice people at The Devoted Barn knew about us. Once we were with them they took us to the vet and sadly found out we had more issues going on inside of our tiny bodies and they started calling us hospice puppies. This news made our foster mom sad, but she loved us so much and helped us keep fighting the odds! She keeps saying we're pretty much miracles, whatever that means.

Our mega e has resolved itself so we can eat like the other dogs we've met! We do still have organs that are not "normal" per x-rays, but that's ok, we're still happy dogs. Who wants to be normal anyways? 

We don't know what the future holds for us but for now they say we are typical puppies, with the typical Dachshund traits and behaviors. We can be a bit stubborn, we like to burrow in blankets, and are huge goof balls. We've heard that laughter is good medicine so we've been practicing on our foster mom - it seems to be working!  We love toys and to run in crazy circles, climb in your lap and to give kisses.

Due to our throat irregularities we will never be able to wear collars, we need to stay in those cool harnesses. Since we're still young will need some potty training work and leash work. 

We can wait to learn more about life with our very own families!