Sponsor Sunshine & Parker

Sunshine & Parker came to The Devoted Barn under very unque circumstances.  Detroit Animal Control received a call saying that there was a 500lb pig in a basement in Detroit who had eaten a person.  DAC showed up and sure enough there was a very large pig in the basement of the home, who we later named Sgt. Sunshine!  Sunshine was living in about 2 feet of her own feces and had been living mainly on garbage.  Sunshine’s owner had a hoarding problem and had passed away a few days earlier.  It is assumed that Sunshine was brought down into the basement as a piglet and had been down there for at least 4 years.  Once cadaver dogs had determined that Sunshine did not actually eat a person The Devoted Barn was called to come pick her up.  After a grueling, disgusting 6 hour rescue adventure Sunshine was on her way home.

Two days later we received a call from a news crew that was currently on route to a location in Highland Park where another large pig was being removed from a warehouse property that was owned by the same man.  The Devoted Barn arrived on the scene to find Highland Park police removing a pig from the warehouse, who we later named Cpl. Parker.  Parker was living in similar conditions as Sunshine; living in his own feces and eating garbage to survive.  However he was in much worse condition.  He was even more underweight than Sunshine and was suffering from a skin infection.  When we got him back to the barn he was very scared.  Poor guy didn’t even know what clean water was.

Sunshine and Parker now have their very own pig palaces out in our livestock play yard.  We are working on getting some weight on them and some healthy, nutritious food into them.  Sunshine & Parker will live out the rest of their days basking in the sunlight at The Devoted Barn.