Do you know about Soi Dogs? My name is Sylvester and my pals and I were dogs in the meat trade over in Thailand. The Soi Dog group came to my rescue and sent me on my journey here (it was a really long plane ride!). The nice ladies from the Barn picked me up in New York City and drove me to this great place with other pups, I have a lot of fun here.

They say I'm really friendly and love to go on walks and that I'm really good on a leash. I like to play with my human but maybe not so much other dogs, they’re also not sure about other animals because of where I come from. I would be better in a home where it’s just me. Since I’m still getting the hang of being a normal pup, I do need some training. I’m currently working on my dilemma with barriers. My barn family says I can get a little gruff through a barrier, but without them I’m a lovable mutt. I'm not certain about other animals either.

I’m you think you would be willing to help me learn more manners and how to "dog"? If you're looking for a snuggler and a walking buddy, I'm just your guy! I'd love to see what living in a house would be like, do you think you could show me? My furever home is just over the next horizon, is it with you?