Sponsor Tanya

An Elkhart Indiana woman, Nancy, made it her mission to catch what was then believed to be a stray dog Tucker (a male Labradoodle), and created a Facebook page called Tracking Tucker. She enlisted our help and we quickly found out that this dog had an area of about 20 square miles between Michigan and Indiana it was roaming! We made multiple trips to Elkhart but Tucker proved to be very cagey; similar to Bigfoot. There were sightings but no one knew where this dog was going! Finally, we discovered Tucker was staying in an abandoned garage.  With the help of a trail cam and yummy food, Nancy was able to get the dog on some semblance of a schedule.

However, it would be another month or so before intuition and a little luck paid off. After almost 3 years alone, Nancy trapped Tucker in an abandoned house, and when we got that call, she literally dropped everything to drive to Elkhart. Like every story, this one has a twist… once they brought Tucker back to The Devoted Barn, we discovered that he was a SHE! Turns out that the original Tucker had been caught by animal control a year ago and adopted out to a family.  So “Tucker” became “Tanya”!

Tanya has moved through our feral program in warp speed and is currently living in a foster home.  She loves the domestic life and will soon be ready for a family of her own.