Taylor came from the Taylor Animal Shelter weighing 29 lbs. He was found as a “stray”, completely malnourished to the point of almost dying. The Taylor Animal Control got in touch with Melissa to see if The Devoted Barn could take him and help him, which of course she said yes. 

He spent 6 months at The Devoted Barn Nursery where he was slowly nursed back to health. Now weighs approximately 60 lbs and is quite healthy. He is currently residing between The Devoted Barn and a volunteers home where he has sleep overs learning how to be a house dog. 

He is still a younger boy between 1 and 3 years old and full of puppy-like energy. He loves to run, chase a ball, and play tug-of-war. When playing tug, he like to get into it and let you hear his voice.

Taylor is good around most dogs, the volunteer he has sleep overs with has a pit mix and a Rat Terrier mix that he gets along great with. She also has 2 cats, which Taylor has been gaining interest in - he should be fine in a home with a dog savvy cat. While at the nursery recovering, he had a little boy, age 5, that he was best buddies with, but hasn’t been around kids since then. Older kids, 10 and up, might be a better fit because of Taylor’s size and energy level.

Taylor is a lover - he loves to cuddle, sit on your lap, lay right next to you, and give lots of sloppy wet kisses. He loves going for walks, but needs more work on not pulling when he sees something he wants a closer look at. He also loves to go for car rides and road trips. 

Taylor had a rough start to life and deserves a loving caring home with people who will always be there to love him.