Hi everyone, my name is Theodore and I'm a sibling to my diva sister, Jessie. As you were told, we were rescued from Louisiana from a wonderful lady named Mel. I'm blessed to have all these people in my life. They keep us warm and fed and they supply us with lotsa toys and love. I was the smallest of the 3 my foster mommy's took in but I'm growing like weed.

I love to run and play with my mommy's other puppy, Finn and he's teaching us how to bark and roll over and even brings his toys to us while we're in our playpen. He's a great big brother. I'll miss him when I get my furever home but I'm sure he'll be sooo happy that I'm with another family that loves me as much as they all do.

My favorite things are treats and of course running and playing in the snow. Mommy takes us outside a few times a day and lets us run until we can't run anymore. Then we take a long nap. I'm learning to be a good boy when I take a nice warm bath and then my mommy uses that thing that blows warm air on me to help dry me off quicker. I'm ok with that too . So if you can, please share my pic so I can find me a good loving fur ever home