Hello, I am so EXCITED, mama said this is a very big and exciting time for me! I finally get to meet my forever family! But, I guess I should start with my name!

I am Titus, my name means "great defender." Daddy said I needed a strong name, because I have made a strong impact in the hearts of my foster family. Like any other defender; I am a lover (you can't defend and protect what you don't love!)!

I love all people big and small. As soon as mom or dad sit down I realize they have an empty spot waiting just for me! Isn't that so nice? I love to cuddle on the couch with my people and my doggy friends. I have 4 dog sisters and love each of them. My mom said I can win even the hardest of hearts, after all I did my sister daisy (she is a grumpy old dog but she lets me cuddle up with her in front of the fire)!

I love to be outside, except when it rains (Hey, would you want to pee in the cold?). Mom says I am a smart boy, I am potty trained and love to sleep in my quiet crate at night. I love to show love and affection but like most pups I have energy I need to burn! I enjoy playing chase, but chewing is my favorite!! So, make sure you have lots of toys ready for me! Don't worry my energy doesn't last long! Soon, I will be ready to curl up on the couch with a nice warm blanket and a movie!

Will you let me be your "Great defender?" I promise to love you and your loyal best friend forever!