Sponsor Vegas & Vader

Vader & Vegas are two puppies who will live out their lives with us here at The Devoted Barn.  Both Vader & Vegas suffer from mega-esophogus like our other permanent resident Miles.  Their esphogus’ do not push food down properly so when they eat or drink like a normal dog they just regurgitate it back up and nothing makes it into their stomachs.  In order to properly digest their food both Vader and Vegas must be held upright while eating and for 30 minutes afterwards so that gravity does the job of the esophogus and pushes the food into their stomachs.

Unlike Miles, Vader & Vegas were both born with congenital mega-esophogus so they will have to deal with it their whole lives which can seem daunting since they are babies.  However, we have been so successful in maintaining Miles’ health that we are confident that we have the resources and the volunteer manpower to take care of these two little rascals.