Meet Violet! Violet is a 9 week old mutty mutt mutt who came to us from down south. She is 90% sugar… and 10% spice! Violet loves to run around and play with toys. She is such a tiny, spunky little pup that it is a ton of fun to watch her bounce and prance around. Violet is content to snuggle or stretch out at the feet of her favorite people. She is a smart little girl and already knows how to sit. Violet does great with cats, dogs and kids. She like to make lots of sounds when she plays but it’s all in good fun! She is really pretty good about not chewing on humans; she prefers to dig in her water or steal the occasional shoe to keep her humans on their toes! Violet is not housebroken but she is smart and really good with “routines” so I don’t imagine she will be hard to housebreak with a little effort from her humans.

Violet just has the sweetest little face. I’m not sure how anyone can resist adopting her! Violet is available for adoption through The Devoted Barn. She will be ready to go to her furever home very soon.

If you are looking for a sweet, snuggly addition to your home for the holidays Violet is your girl!