My name is Wiley, but not the E. Coyote version and there is no Road Runner at the barn much to my surprise. I do have his energy though and everyone at the barn adores me!

I came as a rescue from Detroit and was cared for by wonderful neighbors after my owner moved away (unfortunately, I didn’t get to tag along). Don’t be sad because my story has a happy ending after being brought to the Barn! I came here as a medical case but I’m now on medication for a prostate infection and should be good as new very soon!

They think I’m about 2 years old, and because I’m so active it might be best to have older kids in the home (over 8 or so). The best part is I get along really well with the other dogs, but might need to have exercise so I have a low energy greeting with any new pups in your family. I love car rides and can be your co-pilot any time.

I will need some help with my training so I can learn how to sit, stay, 4 on the floor and the like, but I’m really smart so it shouldn’t take too long! I’m great around everyone and meeting new people is my most favorite past time (beside car rides). I’m good with food at meal and treat times. I love to go for walks.

I am currently loving life in a foster home! I'm learning how to live in a house and getting ready for my furever home. I'm not quite ready for adoption yet, but if you think you would like to adopt me please contact the nice people that rescued me.