My name is Winnie. My foster mom pulled me from River Rouge Shelter a little over a year ago. I was pregnant and so scared.

My foster Mom says her best guess about my life before her is that I lived in a smaller kennel and really only came out when they wanted me to mate to make more babies. I had a lot of babies in my lifetime. She says this is why I don't like other dogs or cats. She also said it could be because I know I am a princess and should be the center of attention.

I am 8+ years old but I don't look or act it. My foster Mom always laughs around me and calls me goofy. Even though my foster mom loves me, she is giving me an eviction notice. I stayed with her at the nursery longer that planned as I gave my foster Mom some health scares that included hair and weight loss! I didn't look so pretty and I was pretty afraid but now I am beautiful inside and out!

I would love to move on to my next and hopefully final home. Here is more info my foster Mom put together:

  • I am labeled a boxer mix but I have fluffy hair that Foster Mom says is softer than any dog she has ever felt. Everyone keeps saying they have never seen a dog that looks like me. Well of course because I am your 1 in a million pet. 

  • I need to be an only child, no sharing the couch with other dogs or cats.

  • I will need a refresher on potty training. The good news is I LOVE treats so it should be easy!

  • Every day I get about 15 minutes of zoomies where I spin in circles really fast. Then I remember I am a dignified lady and stop that no sense. This does make Foster Mom laugh though. 

  • I love kids

  • I just want to be with my humans. If you want to garden I can do that. If you want to watch TV I can do that. 

  • I demand belly rubs every morning, they are my favorite. 

I can't wait to meet you and test out your belly rub ability. I also need to hear you laugh so I know you will appreciate me. I wouldn't mind testing out any soft blankets either to make sure they are adequate for this princess.