Sponsor Zara

Zara is one of the feral dogs undergoing rehabilitation at the barn.  Back in the summer of 2014 a group of "wild dogs" was accused of killing a family pet in Saginaw.  This resulted in animal control actively hunting these dogs and killing them almost immediately.  When Zara was trapped she appeared so fearful and not at all aggressive that Saginaw County Animal Control reached out to The Devoted Barn.

Zara has a long road ahead of her before she can learn to trust humans again.  She is making improvements everyday at the barn and we look forward to giving her this second chance at life.

Update 3/6/15: Zara has come so far in the last few months at The Devoted Barn.  She comes out for group play and will eat from our hands now.  Her personality has really come out as well.  She is a spunky little girl that loves to play with the other dogs.