Sponsorship Program Preview

We will be rolling out the new Animal Sponsorship Program within the next few months but we have decided to do a Special Preview in the meantime. It's no secret how much all of the animals at the Barn mean to Melissa and the Barn Family, by sponsoring an animal for this preview month you can show your love and devotion to these animals as well.

Sponsorship Costs:
Cat: $10
Goat/Sheep: $20
Dog: $25
Pig: $30
Llama/Alpaca: $30
Cow: $40
Horse: $50

How it works: Choose a type of animal, donate the amount listed to sponsor an animal for this special preview month (the preview sponsorship is a one-time donation, the full sponsorship program will have the option for recurring monthly donations).

What you'll get: With the preview month sponsorship you will receive a special certificate indicating the animal you have sponsored based on the type of animal you selected and a printed photo of your animal.

How will the full Sponsorship Program be different? 
All of the animals will have photos and information about them for you to view. You will also be able to select the specific animal(s) you want to sponsor (automatic monthly recurring sponsorships will also be available). As part of the full sponsorship program you will receive a welcome packet with a color portrait of your sponsored animal, information about their rescue and personality, and a fact sheet about the animal’s care.

Stay tuned for additional benefits of the full Sponsorship Program!